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So hungry that we didnt take any pics huhu. The wagyu shabu2 was excellent & so was the tempura & sashimi set (4500¥). Abit pricey though. I was advised against to take the wagyu steak as it tasted only ok (5000¥). I think they've got cheaper lunch sets.
After being turned down by Gyumon, we walked here. Apparently sister company to Gyumon. It was for reservations only too :( sob sob. But the waiter & waitresses were very apologetic. So be sure to make a reservation too!
Unfortunately we didnt have rezeki to eat here. After a long day, had big hopes to eat dinner here. It was only for reservations only. Perhaps because it's a small place. So folks, better call ahead and reserve a place InsyaAllah
Nice change from the kebabs sold at the market. Chicken was ok but doesn't taste like real chicken karaage but more like kfc-ish (still nice!). Potato cheese balls was nice but lacked of the cheesy taste. Mango smoothie was pretty good too. Very friendly seller. Highly recommended :)
This was near our airbnb apartment. Easy to find but have to be aware of their small signage that says the restaurant is at level 3. Alot of nepalis restaurants & near halal mini markets. The food isn't bad. I enjoyed my nasi padang daging dendeng. Tasted pretty authentic eventhough i think the cook isn't Indonesian hehe. However hubby ordered fried rice which had no meat in it and only one fried egg. Not sure if it was worth 1000¥. They had alot of pickups for take aways so i'm assuming they're pretty famous. Can't agree more on the lack of ventilation.
Friendly host and food portion is pretty big. However the food was bland & lack of seasoning. Really hope they'll improved as not many halal restaurants around the area. Their chai tea was very nice though!
We weren't hungry so only ordered a steak bowl with drink to share. Reasonably priced for ¥1500. Changed the rice to fries, and was a good choice as rice would had been too filling. Taste is ok only. However, the customers beside us savoured on their delicious looking lamb chops. Lol. I think it was nice as they seem pretty pleased. Nice place to hang out at Asakusa area :)
Thanks to the comments & images from other reviewers, we found this place easily Alhamdulillah. Yes, don't forget to NOT order the chicken ball & order the shrimp ball instead. There's no extra charge for upsizing to larger amount of noodles but we were filled to the brim and questioned our judgement for being too greedy. Lol. We had one bowl of non-spicy (I personally found it pretty bland) and another medium spicy level bowl (this was just nice for me). Too much carbs and very little meat but we went home happily :) Staff was very friendly too.
Pretty easy to locate this restaurant in Kamakura market street. We ordered the sashimi set & it was really fresh & delicious! The chicken teppanyaki set was pretty good too. Service was very friendly & fast. The soy sauce used is halal too. They've listed a long list of the halal procedures. Highly recommended!
Our local friend brought us here for dinner. Abit upscale so the experience was different from other normal restaurants. Shabu-shabu was delicious and the fact the servers were very attentive and the experience was almost like steep in tradition. They also showed us the halal cert for beef and noodles. We have no idea on the pricing as our kind friend ordered and paid for us. Please dine at your discretion though :)
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