Exploring muslim-friendly CHIBA City
Must visit Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

ラムとクスクスのアイショが良いのでクスクスバーガーを作りました。ぜひみなさん食べてみてください。 #LuxeBurger...

Khazana Minatomirai

Yokohama, Kanagawa

Visited lot of time and this time tried Buffet lunch. Enjoyed very delicious lunch. All precautions for corona are ok.
Last week

T hank you today #halalburger #burgershop #halalburgershop #...

Chicken Man Ueno

Taito-ku, Tokyo

Great halal burger at 500¥ only. I think it is the best. Chicken is also awesome. I am in love with their manu. The behavior of the person was amazing . He told me that this restaurant is moving to Shin-Okubo station from October, Read more...

Pineapple and egg burger #halalburger #burgershop #halalburg...

#halalburger #burgershop #halalburgershop #halalinjapan #hal...
2 weeks ago
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