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Located near the asakusa Station and the Sensoji temple, this shop sells certified halal ramen and Japanese food. Order is via the machine at the entrance and the staff guides you in case you are confused. Area is clean, ambience is nice and the staff is courteous. My order was delivered in under ten minutes. Serving size was big and I had difficulty in finishing it although I was hungry. Recommended place for nice halal ramen and Japanese food in Asakusa
I didn't eat at this place. Just visited in the morning and it was closed. There are couple of labels outside saying it's halal. So it is great for a Muslim traveler
I visited this place to have authentic Japanese food experience, the halal way. It didn't disappoint. The seating is small but the serving size is big and worth the price tag. They have complimentary pickled vegetables available to spice up the taste. Waitress was quick to seat me and take the order. Order was ready under ten minutes and I had a good time. Halal certification is displayed and verbally confirmed. Recommended place
It was a nice experience dining at this Chinese restaurant. They have a separate Halal menu which is displayed both at the entrance as well as the order counter. There are different options. I ordered the Chicken MISO Ramen. Serving size was large and the order was ready in five minutes. It was hot and tasted really good. Ambience is nice and there is ample space for sitting. It's located on the ground floor of the World porters plaza and is easily located. Recommended when visiting Yokohama.
Fantastic experience of dining at this place and there are couple of reasons. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The order machine is right at the entrance and thet guide you on how to give order. There are multiple options and I opted for the Spicy Chicken Ramen. The order was served in under ten minutes and the quantity was sufficient to be shared by two. The taste was amazing and it was steaming hot. They have a guide pasted on the wall for people like me who were not sure about the appropriate Japanese way to enjoy this Japanese dish. The place is a bit small but the warmth of the staff and great food compensates very well. The best thing is that they have a waiting area for ten people across the road and you don't have to worry if there is no space available on arrival. Another plus is that they are maintaining a small prayers room in the building opposite to the restaurant with separate areas for men and women. There is Read more...
This seemed to be the only halal restaurant in the area of Osaka bay. It is located inside the Tempozan market place on the second floor. It is basically a pub serving alcoholic drinks with halal Muslim food ( a really weird combination in my opinion) The server was courteous ( yes, the same white haired dude many people here have complained was rude to them). I ordered chicken kebab and it served in five minutes. While the food wasn't excellent, it was definitely delicious and tasty. Another plus point is that a prayer room is located just adjacent to this restaurant. The halal food signs are displayed and I verbally confirmed again with the staff as well.
This is an Iranian restaurant located on the second floor. The entrance is via a stairway in an alley so you might miss it if you are not careful. The place is themed like an Iranian cafe. There are options to sit on the floor and table. Menu is diverse with the usual Iranian z dishes. We tried couple of items in chicken and rice. Everything was good ( though not excellent). Service was a bit slow since there was only one lady serving two tables. She confirmed that the ingredients are halal. But unfortunately I could see beer being served and alcohol was on the menu. Overall a good experience.
It was good experience of having dinner at this place. While the ambience is not much to talk about, the good food definitely is a plus here. We ordered chicken biryani, BBQ platter and chicken curry with naan. Although the ordered was served one by one but the taste was great and it was fresh. It had authentic Pakistani taste and the bill was 5700 for a group of four without any drinks. Overall good place to have authentic halal food in Kobe.
When it comes to price this Restaurant easily beats all of the Halal restaurants in Hyogo prefecture. They have Buffett menu for lunch and dinner for only 1000 Yens. You enjoy Mutton Biryani, Mutton Qorma, chicken Qorma, vegetables and naan. All for just 1000 Yen per person. The spacing is also adequate unlike some other halal restaurants which are crowded with dim lights. Another big advantage of this place is that they don't serve any alcohol. So you can eat as much as you can without bothering about the bill because it's always going you be 1000 Yen. Highly recommended authentic halal restaurant in Kobe city.
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