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Najah Nasseri

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This is our first time coming here for lunch and we made bookings way ahead as we were on a tight schedule this trip. Kusumoto never fails to impress. He presented us with the Kobe beef set which was about 5 courses with the seasonal buri fish. We also ordered sets for our children. Dining here is always a treat (please contact the restaurant directly for price). Our first course was a whimsical take on the humble korokke, which he made with Kobe beef and presented as a bonzai. The second course was a Kobe gyutan (tongue) and tail (boneless) soup which was meltingly tender. The third course as a steamed buri with 5 flavours, which was a treat as it was steamed right in front of us. Then came the main dish, a perfectly-done medium rare Kobe beef steak, after which I was completely full. There was more to the meal as he came with a delicious ochazuke made with buri and beef cuts, and we ended the meal with 2 desserts - a brilliant fusion of M Read more...
The menu here changes with the season and I was totally blown away with the oyster soba with toasted mochi which acts like croutons and soaks up the delicious broth. Great for cold weather. If you have children in your group, ask for the kids set and the waiter will come with a huge basket of toys for them to choose from. This always gets my children in a good mood.
It took me a long time to get this review up, so please call them to check for current status. I've developed a passion for kaiseki cuisine and was lucky enough to try a few places in Tokyo and Kyoto. One thing for sure, despite the similarities in menu sequencing, no two keiseki experiences are the same. Ise Sueyoshi specialises in produce from the Mie prefecture. The chef is very passionate about promoting his hometown and the individual farmers that provide the raw ingredients for his restaurant. He is meticulous about presentation. Being a small 5-6 seater restaurant, he provides personal attention to each and every dish. Feel free to ask questions, you can learn a lot about Japanese culture just from inspecting his creations. He doesn't accept walk-ins nor cash payment. Book and pay through Pocket Concierge, be on time, keep an open mind and don't wear any strong perfumes for the best experience. Don't worry if you don't finish the Read more...
Great for families and couples alike. Don't let its location fool you. Their food is truly fine. Hearty brunches with well executed components, artisan sausages, perfectly done eggs whichever way you fancy and authentic tasting international dishes (Japanese dashi somen breakfast noodles with a side of tsukemono? Yes please!). Come during the day for their karaage waffles, or for dinner for duck confit pasta or sous vide steaks, or nibble on sourdough toast dipped in beetroot hummus. End your meal with a really good coffee - hot espresso drinks on a rainy day or a cold Muddy Espresso on a hot one.
I came on a weekday morning and the place was buzzing with energy. Lots of happy customers and cheerful staff, what a great start to the morning. I had a wholesome breakfast but I asked to substitute the scrambled eggs with their "perfect soft-boiled egg" and it was perfect! I later had their gula melaka scone which was a good balance of buttery and sweet. Took home a few more scones, a pack of granola and a bottle of olive oil from Palestine. Will definitely be back insyaAllah!
Great location, great quality. The broth is thick and flavourful and the spicy ramen has a mellow spiciness, maybe from chili oil, which is perfect in cold weather. I came in with a slight cold and left feeling really good! The ground floor seating is at the counter with a table outside. The upstairs has tatami-style seating but the stairs going up are very steep and there isn't much room to take off one's boots (something to consider if you're coming with the elderly or small children). Otherwise, it's a great space with a small praying area for one.
Kamakura is a beautiful city with all the old world charms of Kyoto, but a mere 1 hour away from Tokyo. After strolling through the small roads lined with vintage shops and cafes and temple gardens, you can have lunch at Kajiya. The restaurant is located on the second floor, not far away from the train station and on a very central stretch where most of the shops are. The owner has gone to great lengths to procure halal sauces and chicken, though their specialty seems to be seafood, as can be seen from the long queue of locals who come to the restaurant for lunch. Not to worry, the queue moves quickly as there is ample space inside. What is there to say, the seafood is so fresh and I have never tasted chicken teriyaki like this before. Highly recommended. Maruyama-san is also very helpful with showing us the prayer space which is located in a kimono rental shop about 10 minutes away (maybe less if there is less foot traffic). Take note that Read more...
Kusumoto is a highly sought-after keiseki restaurant in Nishi Azabu. It has been around for 7 years, of which 3 years with a halal menu for its Muslim clientele. A very small venue, it has private rooms to accomodate business dinners in complete privacy. By complete, I mean you enter the restaurant, you are led to a lift and into an bunker-like basement for your own private dinner. There is also a main dining area, which we did not get to see. There are several set halal menus to choose from and the chef is very particular about his ingredients. Our dinner that night consisted of: Appetiser - Quinoa Monaka Soup - Thai-influenced Soup ala Tom Yum Kung Tempura - Salmon, Fig and Aoba Leaf Sashimi Shabu-shabu Toasted Mochi Dessert and Tea I would advise booking well in advance of your planned visit as their bookings fill up quickly. Highly recommended for those who would like to try a more creative version of traditional Japanese keiseki.
This restaurant is a bit of a walk from Kyoto Station, but it has a large and comfortable prayer section and can seat our family of 8 easily. Service was fast, so it was a great first stop when we arrived in Kyoto. The chicken ramen was delicious, the broth was surprisingly creamy and flavourful and we couldn't get enough it. For those who love spicy ramen, try the mazesoba which is the perfect balance of savoury and spicy. The chicken charsiu rice was good, and could have been better if the serving size was larger. I would recommend it for children. Adults would need something more.
We came here after a whole morning visiting the Tenryuji Temple and strolling through the Bamboo Forest. The restaurant is spacious and has various seating configurations and is located along the river, about 15 minutes walk from the train station. There are various set meals for lunch and each one is beautiful and delicious, showcasing the best Kyoto has to offer. A great restaurant if you want to try authentic and halal washoku.
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