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I'm Japanese Muslimah
if you wanna experience japanese healthy foods,just visit! they've delicious Tofu & Yuba(dried bean curd)😋
they've verrryyy reasonable foods ! i love their lunchset because if i order it i can eat maindish, soup, salad, desert😋
very delicious and maybe most reasonable restaurant in Nara. always i bring my muslim sisters/brothers when i come to Nara. staffs also very friendly and funny.
the owner was very nice person! wanna go there again :) and alhamdulillah it's really near from the kyoto station, just 6~10min by walk. prayer room is also available. (it's larger than the other ramen shop's prayer room)
it was the first time for me to eat in ayam ya osaka namba. it's quite far from the stations but lots of muslims were there and they enjoy the ramen. prayer room also available.
just opened on 29th July. went there with my friend and we ordered set B&C. I fell in love with the curry of Naan and noodle. it was not spicy and as a Japanese, I could enjoy the meals so much😍 I wanna go there again so much!!
Tasty / Oishi / Sedap Naritaya ramen Osaka just opened!! I was really looking forward to go to Naritaya. If you have any plans to come to Osaka, please try to visit there and eat lot :) They use Mahar Zain's songs as BGM. sugoi
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