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Usman Makhdoom

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It's good for Pakistani food reasonably well done. Pakistani food - meaning actual MUghlai food, so not the lesser versions served by Indian restos who don't do it as well . The Akihabara location was awesome back in the day so it was awesome to make it a Siddique's again. Buuuuut I tried the ramen menu the other day - something called 'jajamen ramen' which when I looked it up is a type of Chinese derived ramen which is without broth and has meat in a miso mixture and sauce. Sounds tasty, right? I had visions of khosay, the awesome noodles+curry Gujarati Muslims have in India. So I was intrigued to try a halal version. Sadly it's just their watery qeema (qeema not recommended by the way) on top of upon noodles with some veggies. I mean it wasn't bad, but the qeema is watery and bland, and it's just qeema on noodles. If I want qeema I'll have it with roti or naan, man. If that sounds appetizing to you though and worth 780 y, it isn't horrib Read more...
For the price it's fine. Relatively small but about the same as you'd pay 500y for in harajuku or shin okubo. I'd rather recommend going across the street a little ways up yo the kebab shop on the corner. It's better and you can get a nice shawarma wrap in a tortilla for 400y. Closer to the musalla as well.
Sadly like the ratty storefront kinda warns - this is really subpar food. Basically do not waste your money and time. The service is also not there , one guy who doesn't speak Urdu or English and not really Japanese, either. Spent a thousand yen on a bento with literally a smattering of qeema and a dry naan. Don't eat here. Instead walk 2 minutes further and eat for less money and truly delicious food at the Egyptian restaurant on the same street.
Guys, is this restaurant really closed? Their website is still up. I want to go but don't want to waste train fare if it's closed. Can someone advise?
PLEASE NOTE THE CHICKEN RICE IS NOT HALAL. ****** Simple, inexpensive, spicy and delicious. Extremely convenient location..If you take Tokyo metro take exit 3 which will deposit you right outside Garrets popcorn (try their fresh cheese corn, best ever). Turn into the side street between Garrets and the Takoyaki place. Keep walking about 3 minutes and it'll be right there . If taking JR just head right out of Harajuku station , either exit, until you see Garrrets, then same as above. This is truly delicious and unique halal food, right in the heart of Harajuku, cheap, and a welcome respite from all the boring kababs etc. Superb service too. 5 stars.
I think that Halal Navi reviewer s have to stop forgiving bad food and service in Japanese halal restaurants and shops just because they're Muslim. This restaurant was unfortunately a terrible waste of money and food. The buffet apparently now costs 1620 yen, from 1000, which unfortunately is terrible value. The food is little, not replenished, and not at all worth so much cash. If you like stuffing your mouth and feeling full on not-good food, which is against Sunnah anyway, you'd be happy here. But for quality, no. Mediocre food, chicken biryani with no chicken, cold naans, etc. You just feel completely ripped off. Then, there's the restaurant itself. An embarrassment to be seen in and for Japanese to see this is how Muslims do things and how we eat. Dirty tables, people piling on food, then wasting it, even as we know Aleppo is starving, dirty cutlery, plastic cups for water...I mean, there are even gross communal Coke bottles with ugh Read more...
MashaAllah the ramen is good. It's not my thing but those who like ramen will enjoy this. The décor is nice but the tables and chairs are kinda beat up but no biggie. It's nice. I also had the alleged Nyc halal-cart style rice. Now, I haven't had this in new York so I can't say the white sauce isn't legit....but if I had to guess I'd say likely not as from what I've read it isn't yogurt based and this is. Also the ketchup they put too defo isn't and really makes it tooooo sweet. They also throw on some spice mix that tastes like garam masala and I defo know that isn't legit NYC style. Couple all that with Japanese rice that does not go well and not very good quality chicken (and little of it) and this was not edible for me. Just a heads up for those wanting to try NYC halal-cart style chicken and rice.,..this is not it. If the ingredients above appeal to you though, you might like it as others here have. Good place but just not for me; Sal Read more...
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