kebab Sandos

Japan, 〒150-0043 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, 150-0043 Japan
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Japan, 〒150-0043 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, 150-0043 Japan



Halal Tips (14)
    4 people say menu labelled Halal.
    3 people say the owner/staff are muslim.
    2 people say Halal status verbally confirmed by staff.
    2 people say Halal certificate is visible.
    1 person says Halal dishes are available upon request.
    1 person says all meats used are Halal.
    1 person says vegetarian meal is available.
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Really great halal item Spicy level customizable Halal friendly Cheap ever Tests perfect.
They have some seats to enjoy your meal while sitting
Actually it’s Reis Kebab, not Kebab Sandos (sando is japanese word for sandwich ^^;) Located across the Noa Dougenzaka building (Shibuya Mushalla). You’ll find this food truck so easily. It also have an area to eat inside and a vending machine. This is the cheapest kebab I’ve found in Japan as far as I know. They have 3 menus (kebab wrap, kebab sandwich, kebab rice) with 6 choices of sauce. A nice place after walking around Shibuya.
For the price it's fine. Relatively small but about the same as you'd pay 500y for in harajuku or shin okubo. I'd rather recommend going across the street a little ways up yo the kebab shop on the corner. It's better and you can get a nice shawarma wrap in a tortilla for 400y. Closer to the musalla as well.
Saw a truck with halal symbol standing opposite the main road to Shibuya Mushalla. The man was a Muslim from Turkey who sold kebab and sandwiches from his halal truck. He said he keeps the kebab truck available most of the time for people to grab something quick. The kebab sando was good. Alhumdulillah!