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Aqalili Azizan

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The freshest soba are all here in Malaysia directly from Wakayama! This 40-years soba restaurant serves a variety of soba and you can choose either to enjoy it in hot or cold broth. 😮 One of the main ingredients of Soba is buckwheat which is low fat, cholesterol free and rich in nutrients! So, if you're on a gluten-free diet this meal will help you with that 😉 When I went to Japan, I tried soba for breakfast and it just made my stomach feels super good! I still remember that I emptied that whole bowl by myself and satisfaction level is just up in the par. Since Shinanoji is originated from Japan I have high hopes for them! I would say the amount is for 1-3 person max depends on your appetite but for me, it would be for 2 people for full satisfaction. The best part is, its suitable for Malaysia weather because they usually served this during the summer season to cool it down. In the menu, they called this as 'Standard Japanese Soba' but the Read more...
The stall is located side by side with the Soba shop, and they served a hotpot which the vice versa of cold soba. Hotpot or known as Nabe is also one of the dishes that favored by all Japanese families. They made a 'Dashi' (soup stock) from bonito flakes and kombu (kelp) FRESH every day in the store! So, the Dashi will be the best of every hotpot that you're ordered. If you already dine in at the restaurant, you might notice some changes because I did. When I first came, they have a step-by-step ordering system but I think this one is more easy to understand. It seems that they cut few things out like the meat, and make it into a compact menu. So, since it got a little of changes, I choose 'Miso Udon Hotpot' and it still taste as wonderful as before 😊
Caution: They served pork but you should try their fish & chips cooked to order in cottonseed & sunflower oil.
The restaurant is really huge, can fit around 40+ people at a time. I recommend this place because the portion is huge and it's really delicious. I ordered nasi goreng cili padi, it wasn't that spicy and there are variety of seafood like squid & prawn. My younger brother & mom ordered paprik, and it was recommended too!
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