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'Atiqah Jasni

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Malaysian working in Japan
Panga Yakiniku!!The price is affordable and there's a lot of variety of Korean foods that you can try.Really recommend to those who come in groups and wants to try Korean style yakiniku.
I went here with my friend last time and we had Char Kue Tiaw and Curry Laksa. For me a Char Kue Tiaw lover like me,their Char Kue Tiaw is 3 out of 5 points as it lacks of garlic and spice.And for the Curry Laksa is 3.5 out of 5 points.
I think it's one of the best kebab in Japan. You don't need to add any sauce(they do have yogurt sauce) as the meat is well marinated and done. They have other menus too besides Doner Kebab such as Soup,Kebab with Pilaf,Rice Pudding,Baklava etc. I really recommend you to try Doner Kebab at Kebab Ye if you're a Kebab Lover or if you need a quick bite. And they don't serve alcoholic drinks too.
It was my first time to dine at Macrobiotic cafe.I had Original Plate with Organic Coffee.I like the Original Plate especially grilled aubergine.For a coffee lover like me,I'm not really a fan of Organic Coffee.It's too acidic for my taste.There is also a shop that sells organic and macrobiotic foods next to the cafe.I'll definitely come again to taste the Veggie Burger and Veggie Curry too.
My friends and I had the stir-fry water spinach(in Malay is kangkung or in Japanese is 空芯菜),stir-fry beef,stir-fry lamb and mabo dofu. We love the stir-fry lamb and mabo dofu so much.I give 3/5 stars for this restaurant.
This is my first time trying their Fried Chicken menu. Although I love their Spicy Baked Fish and also Fish 'n Chips, I don't really like their Fried Chicken. I thought the Fried Chicken will be juicy and crispy but unfortunately the batter is crispy but the meat is a little bit dry.
This place is my favorite place when I crave for burger and fries.I've tried the Teriyaki Burger, Beef Burger and Spicy Beef Burger (in the picture)too but I like the Teriyaki one most.
Cozy dining place to have fish and chips with family and friends.Reasonable price for a set of fish and chips.The fish is crispy and crunchy but not oily.I also love the dressings that they serve with the salad.For those who love a little of spiciness, make sure to ask the waiter/waitress for the spicy sauce aka sambal.
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