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Wah finally found malaysian food in here! Tried nasi goreng pataya with tea tarik. Hm taste quite ok then! Served by Malay waiter from Kedah. Had been worked for 5years!
Went there for dinner. Tried spicy ramen. The taste is ok. Served by indonesian lady. Got Halal certificate also.
Tried nasi goreng set with ice coffee.. delicioussss!! Atleast rindu terubat. Sos cili from indonesia with halal label. The staffs are indonesian. The owner is Japanese. Manager is indonesian. Must try!
Went there for dinner. The space only can fit for 10-15 people. Need to wait around 15mins for the turn. They do have alcohol. Dont think the owner is muslim since the head of OngBak at the cashier. Also the pic of elephant god on the wall. I dont drink lassi they served as quite doubtful. Then bought mineral water frm vending machine in front. Just ate Nan & cheese Nan. The curry is quite good btw. Halal certificate is visible outside but dont mean they halal enough. The shop not really recommended.
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