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• From Indonesia • Live in Japan • Islam

Indonesian currently working in one of muslim friendly restaurant in Osaka, Japan. I also had experience working as a part-time worker at some Halal restaurants especially around Namba-Shinsaibashi. I could make sure if the restaurant using Halal ingredients/utensils based on my experience. Enjoy Japan!
Located near Yotsubashi station and America Mura. The place is cozy. Please take a note that if you visit vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Japan, please confirm about alcohol in the dishes. Even though they don’t use any animal derived ingredient, most of them use alcohol like wine or mirin. After I ask the staff, some menus that does not contain alcohol are Spinach Cashew Veggie Curry and Tofu Veggie Quiche (as of 4 March 2020). The curry rice was good and maybe because they’re using coconut milk, the taste is quite similar to Indonesian cuisine 😂
Halal Lanzhou cuisine in Osaka! (confirmed by staff). They serve many lanzhou dishes from the famous lanzhou beef noodle to beef dumpling. Please note that only one hall staff who is able to speak Japanese and most of the menus are written in Chinese and Japanese.
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