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Hafiz Ans

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Located just beside the asakusa station. Ordering is through the machine and service is quick. Two big tables perfect for groups and three 2 seaters and table side seats near the cook. Food is light and tasty, curry is of nice heat level. There's free wifi too.
Great place to get your chicken cravings. Friendly owners, food is great. If you like spicy, they do have 3 different kinds of chilli sauces. Chicken man is located between two kebab stalls, get some kebabs for later perhaps? Cos 'No kebab, no life' that's the catchphrase of one of the kebab stalls lol. (Killing 2 birds with 1 stone review)
One of the many halal places in Asakusa. Regular ramen size is fulfilling, imagine getting the extra large ramen bowl. The top floor can accommodate large groups, prayer room is also available.
Located along komachi street, pretty easy to find. Please specify halal menu. Portion is plenty, food and service is great.
A must go if you're in Akihabara. Malaysian muslim staff was there to serve. The curry is really good and you can choose your portion size. 200g for me was enough.
Really good food, its like grandma's cooking. The old lady who served us is just lovely.
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