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Service was veeerrry slow. I got ny food after 1 hour of waiting. Result? I would rate it as 3/10. Salmon was ok ish. Had better salmon sashimis before
Great food. Very fast service. The place is very near the train station. Just 2mins away
This restaurant is now closed, replaced with a new restaurant called Istanbul Table. See my review on Istanbul Table
This restaurant is located at previously called Bab-ul Hayat. That restaurant is now permanently closed. There's no halal sign, but the waiter prompted us that they're food are halal, although they sell alcohol drinks
It was quite tricky to find the place even using the google maps. It is located at the lower basement area. If you can see the food area at Shinyuku station, then ur at the right place. Just go around the food area, In Sya Allah you will find it
Quite a famous place. We had to wait for around 1 hr to be seated. Best to reserve it beforehand. Food were nice
Ah-Mazing foods! We ordered the Wasabi Ramen, Salmon Sashimis, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Fried Chicken w Fried rice. All 'As for me. Great!
Food were good. My kids ordered the fried chicken 3 times! Spicy ramen was not that spicy though, but good taste anyway. My daughter ordered the curry chicken and she loved it
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