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私たちは3人の素敵な娘を持つ日本の大学院生でした。 We were Japanese university graduate students with three lovely daughters
Must say a very fulfilling set. Two curries, chicken tikka, small bowl of turmeric rice and plain naan. Ok-tasted. Not sure whether there's an option for spiced-up curries or naan variety like cheese or garlic naan.
As with any Malaysian delicacies, you'll be spoiled with the menu. Taste quite similar like at the hawker stalls back at home country. Not quite fulfilling and not that cheap imo.
Offers sashimi, kaisendon and teishoku all of fish-based, hence insyaAllah halal. Convenient for travelers at the hakata station. Try their teishoku, fairly priced yet full of satisfaction. Finding it in the vast Hakata station is quite challenging though. Look for B-1 of the AMU Plaza.
The Osaka University Famille restaurant is under the Co-op business. While not all of the food served is halal, alhamdulillah they offer halal fried salmon and chicken karaage which is cooked separately from the non halal option. The chicken karaage however takes about 10 minutes to be fully served. Honestly speaking not the most delicious ever, but having halal option is always a blessing.
Newly opened since April 2016 adjacent to Ito campus of Kyushu University. This restaurant replaced the one close to Hakozaki campus. A significantly smaller restaurant-cum-halal grocery store. Nevertheless, they maintained the quality and taste of their Egyptian-Indo fusion food. Their freshly-made nan and tandoori chicken left us wanting more. The chicken briyani though seems to be reheated, individual taste is different anyway. Affordable and no alcoholic drink served. Might as well glimpse the owner and his worker during their jama'ah prayer :)
Came twice during my three nights stay in Osaka. Malaysian ambience with Era fm radio to lift up the mood. Marginally taste but perhaps good enough for Malaysians longing for our very own taste. The cinnamon-flavored Teh Tarik isn't your neighborhood "mamak"-certified one yet satisfying enough during cold night. The owner is a non Muslim Malaysian, which understandably serves alcohol though.
Halal beef from Turkey authority(?) but chicken is not. Essentially a kebab-based varieties, averagely taste with large portion but feels a bit on the expensive side. Plus, serves alcohol and offers belly dance.
We were dangerously close to miss the flight that I didn't managed to take a picture of the restaurant. This tempura restaurant is MHC-certified so no worries about halal status whatsoever. The seafood tendon Ajisai set that I've savored is quite delicious with a generous add-on of steamed egg. We came with empty stomach anyway so there might be a little bias :). Kid's menu and English version menu provided. Nonetheless, a way better option than La Toque in my opinion. Recommended.
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