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Hj Azman

• From Malaysia • Live in Malaysia • Islam

Retired, Free & Easy, busy travelling and experiencing new mosques & food place at every visit, domestic and/or overseas 退職して、自由に&簡単に、忙しい旅行と毎回の訪問で、国内外の新しいモスク&食べ物を経験する
Located along the busy Kg Baru area. Its self service system, customers queueing to choose their ingredients for house specialty Nasi Lemak Kukus. Best of all is the magnificent view of KLCC in the background. Parking will be quite a task considering the huge weekend crowds with families and friends. Highly recommended.
I am not an expert on Balinese cuisine but, the ambience is very soothing to enjoy your food. Service was fast and food taste you are in Bali, very authentic. Eating area very spacious and bright. But Bali foos isn't cheap, be prepared to cough your valued ringgit. It's different than what I usually go for. Nevertheless, good for family outing or with friends.
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