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Hj Azman

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Retired, Free & Easy, busy travelling and experiencing new mosques & food place at every visit, domestic and/or overseas 退職して、自由に&簡単に、忙しい旅行と毎回の訪問で、国内外の新しいモスク&食べ物を経験する
Good timing to visit this place. Our order came after 10 minutes. Satay really tastes good, with its rich spicy ingredients intact as we eat them. Cleanliness must be improved coz waiters just watched dirty plates left on the table without clearing them. Notice price has increase again, RM1.27 each for Satay Beef, Chicken & Perut while Satay Hati with Pedal is RM1.10 each. Less flies compared to Kajang and Uptown branches.
My order for this evening, 10 x Satay Beef, 10 x Satay Hati + Pedal, 5 x Satay Perut and 1 plate of Timun + Nasi Himpit
View from seating area towards ordering station. Only 1 counter open irrespective of how many customers queuing.
Pretty much empty during this late evening. Restaurant owned by Indian but displayed as if owned by Muslim. Just realised from conversations with Indon waiters dressed up with tudung. No Halal logo displayed but lots of Arabic verses at cashier counter.
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