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Izzah Ashriyyah

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Review Halal and Vegetarian Gourmet (Sorry for my broken English)
Went to walk around Roppongi area, then searched place to have lunch. This Restaurant location is in fancy style shopping street😁 They served vegetarian food, and their set menu for lunch is include with soup, yoghurt, and drink! I choosed Taco Rice for lunch. The taste of taco with the fresh salad was very tasty, and they use brown rice, full of fiber ad healthy! Their corn soup was soo creamy, soo good to warm your tummy. And I'm not a fan of usual greek yoghurt, but I think they use soy yoghurt, the taste was not sour, and it's the first time I like the taste of greek yoghurt. (Since then I eat soy yoghurt daily) for drink I choosed Grapefruit Juice, the taste like an usual Grapefruit juice.
Vegetarian meal, like a little cafe in Shin Okubo. I bought their cheese burger, and it was so big and delicious! Love their veggie patty and cheese so much👍 Set the menu with the soup (that day soup was corn soup) and it's a best choice in this winter cold weather! Price it's a little bit pricey than usual meals, but it's worth to try, because it's healthier☺️ This shop is also eco friendly...they use recycleable fork or spoon❤
It's a small gyoza shop. They just have 3 seats for 2 people. They sell vegetarian gyoza, and make it from the scratch, it means they make their own gyoza skin. So their gyoza skin is mochi mochi, and because it's made from vegetable, is healthy! They sell wide variation of vegetable gyoza and seafood gyoza, so you can try a different flavour for each gyoza. And the madam who made this gyoza so friendly, and can speak english too. The location is near Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
Last time I was in Ikebukuro, and searched for Halal Lunch from Halal Navi. And I found this restaurant. I was craving for Chinese food. First time when I see their lunch menu, I can't find any rice menu. And then I see that their lunch menu is including rice,steamed bun, soup, stir fry vegetable, fruits, and sweets buffet! It was takes time for ordered food to come, but we can fill our hungry stomach with the buffet menu. I ordered skewer too, though it's not in the lunch menu, because when I see the menu picture, I can't hold to taste chicken skewer, and lamb skewer, and it was sooo delicious! For lunch I chose lamb steamed bun with beef soup. But the soup turns out a soup with cow intestines, so I can't eat it too much.But the steamed bun, really makes me happy, because it's really a long time no eat a real steamed bun.😭 The menu was just with Japanese and Chinese, so I think it was so hard for foreigner to come in to this restaurant. But w Read more...
Oops, got trouble to upload Ramen photo from my last review. This is Special Rich Flavour Chicken Ramen😍
The best halal ramen in ebisu, Honolu Ramen, open their new shop in Asakusa! And used Halal Navi Coupon to get chicken karaage or mochi for FREE! I always love their Special Rich Chicken Flavour Ramen. The thick chicken broth, along the chicken charsyu, is the best combination of their Ramen! And who don't love their rich flavour egg topping. Honolu Ramen Asakusa is located near Tawaramachi Station, or you can walk from Asakusa too. So, why not to come to this shop, when you go to Asakusa.
I really recommend this Restaurant. Because every single dish they have not just satisfy your tummy, but your eyes too. And it's really healthy! And the staff was very kind, so it's really a great experience to come to this Restaurant. First they served soup and salad as an appetizer. Their soup was kind of mix vegetable fruit, topped with gold leaf. Makes you feel rich (LOL), and bring up your appetite. Next was Smoked Beans Salad. Really instagramable dish, with the smoke inside, and feels like magic when you open it. Smoked with Sakura tree chip, and I love the smokey taste of this Salad Beans. And for their main dish I ordered Ramen with Tofu Skin Springroll. I think the broth was made from mushroom and herb, because I can find mushroom chunk in the soup, and very thick and rich of flavour. Beside that tasteful soup, the vegetable was really fresh. And I think for this lovely set lunch, they have a reasonable price ( just 1200 yen)! And for Read more...
This is Soba Restaurant near Kagurazaka Station. Maybe this restaurant a little bit pricey compared to the convenient Soba Restaurant, but they give you an authentic Soba Noodle, with a good barley scent, and the right firmness soba noodle. There's a display where they make the noodles, (but they didn't allow me to take pitcures), so I think the Noodles is fresh. I ordered Soba with Tempura. Soba sauce (Tsuyu) was really delicious, I can taste katsuo broth inside it. And for tempura there was eggplant, sweet potato, pumpkin, shrimp, and scallop. Crispy tempura with tempura sauce was very good with soba! And after you finish eat your soba, they will give you broth from soba boiled water. The portion of tsuyu was just right, so after I finished eat my soba, my tsuyu just remained a little bit, then I mix it with this broth, and I sipped a well balance of katsuo and barley broth for finishing touch of this meal. Don't forget to ask Halal Menu to th Read more...
This Restaurant it's very relaxing place to have lunch in Shinjuku. They just serve Halal Food in lunch time (12:00 ~15:00). Halal food just serve in second floor. The staff will sincerely guide you to the seat and give you Halal menu if you ask. There's 3 option of menu (you can see in the menu photo). I ordered Sashimi Lunch Set, all was delcious! Sashimi was very fresh, and it's a good combination with a cute tiny aoba leaves. If you have more budget to eat Halal Japan cuisines, maybe you can put this Restaurant in your list. This Restaurant Located near Alta Shinjuku, or Godzila Road in Kabukicho. English Menu (〇) English Speaker Staff (〇) Toilet with Washlet (〇) Prayer Room (✕)
If you searching for healthy and halal menu near Harajuku, you can go to this restaurant. Mominoki House is mainly sell vegetarian food, though they sell food contain of meat too, they confirmed that utensils they used for meat and vegetarian is separate. And because I can't find Halal sign, I asked the staff, and they confirmed all food in vegetarian menu is Halal. I ordered Tempe Steak with Ginger Sauce (because I like tempe 😅) and Cocoa Cake (Today's Cake) for the dessert. Tempe Steak comes with Veggie Plate, Brown Rice, and Miso Soup. Veggie plate have 9 kinds of different taste vegetable, and all really fresh and delicious. And Tempe steak, it's not like usual Tempe, maybe because it comes from chickpeas (maybe), but the sauce is really match with tempe steak. Then for cake, because it's not using egg and milk, the texture is not like a fuwafuwa-fluffy cake, but still delicious. Even the cake not using white sugar, the sweet taste from the Read more...
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