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Review Halal Gourmet (Sorry for my broken English)
This is Soba Restaurant near Kagurazaka Station. Maybe this restaurant a little bit pricey compared to the convenient Soba Restaurant, but they give you an authentic Soba Noodle, with a good barley scent, and the right firmness soba noodle. There's a display where they make the noodles, (but they didn't allow me to take pitcures), so I think the Noodles is fresh. I ordered Soba with Tempura. Soba sauce (Tsuyu) was really delicious, I can taste katsuo broth inside it. And for tempura there was eggplant, sweet potato, pumpkin, shrimp, and scallop. Crispy tempura with tempura sauce was very good with soba! And after you finish eat your soba, they will give you broth from soba boiled water. The portion of tsuyu was just right, so after I finished eat my soba, my tsuyu just remained a little bit, then I mix it with this broth, and I sipped a well balance of katsuo and barley broth for finishing touch of this meal. Don't forget to ask Halal Menu to th Read more...
This Restaurant it's very relaxing place to have lunch in Shinjuku. They just serve Halal Food in lunch time (12:00 ~15:00). Halal food just serve in second floor. The staff will sincerely guide you to the seat and give you Halal menu if you ask. There's 3 option of menu (you can see in the menu photo). I ordered Sashimi Lunch Set, all was delcious! Sashimi was very fresh, and it's a good combination with a cute tiny aoba leaves. If you have more budget to eat Halal Japan cuisines, maybe you can put this Restaurant in your list. This Restaurant Located near Alta Shinjuku, or Godzila Road in Kabukicho. English Menu (〇) English Speaker Staff (〇) Toilet with Washlet (〇) Prayer Room (✕)
If you searching for healthy and halal menu near Harajuku, you can go to this restaurant. Mominoki House is mainly sell vegetarian food, though they sell food contain of meat too, they confirmed that utensils they used for meat and vegetarian is separate. And because I can't find Halal sign, I asked the staff, and they confirmed all food in vegetarian menu is Halal. I ordered Tempe Steak with Ginger Sauce (because I like tempe 😅) and Cocoa Cake (Today's Cake) for the dessert. Tempe Steak comes with Veggie Plate, Brown Rice, and Miso Soup. Veggie plate have 9 kinds of different taste vegetable, and all really fresh and delicious. And Tempe steak, it's not like usual Tempe, maybe because it comes from chickpeas (maybe), but the sauce is really match with tempe steak. Then for cake, because it's not using egg and milk, the texture is not like a fuwafuwa-fluffy cake, but still delicious. Even the cake not using white sugar, the sweet taste from the Read more...
MINATO Restaurant is near Yokohama China Town, and they sell seafood and Osaka style food. There is a lot of variation menu, and looks delicious. First, I ordered Osaka Kushi Katsu. 1. Beef 2. Chicken Frankfurt 3. Salmon and Ikura 4. Chicken and Tartar All was delicious! Then, because I love Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, I ordered that two. And very satisfied with the taste! I was so hapy because this is the first time I found Halal Chicken Frankfurt, Takoyaki, and Okonomiyaki in Japanese Restaurant. And if you go to see Baseball near their Restaurant, you can bring your ticket and got special price. English Speaker Staff ( ? ) English Menu (✕) Prayer Room (〇) Toilet with Washlet (〇)
Do you know Boba Tea or in Japan they call it Tapioka Tea? Usually, Tapioka Tea is like Milk Tea with Tapioka Ball. But this time I was curious with this Ice Shaved Tapioka. After eat in China Town, and you need some refreshing dessert, you can try this Milk Tea Kakigori (Ice Shaved) with Tapioka. The Ice Shaved was so fluffy. And it makes your body cool again after the summer heat. I think this portion is for 2 person. And you can take a rest for a while in this cafe, after walking in China Town. There is no Halal Mark so you can used this review with your own consideration. The location is not in the main road of China Town, so I recommend you to use Google Map.
Actualy this is a souvenir shop. But they sell this cute Ramune (Japanese Soda Pop). It can refresh you in summer day, and you can keep the bottle for souvenir❤ The Location is near the entrance of China Town main road.
Last week I went to Chuukagai for lunch. And I found this Halal Restaurant. They don't have Halal certificate, but they said that they used Halal ingredients. So it's up to your consideration. First, I ate Suigyoza to warm up my stomach. And it was really good! You can taste good broth from the soup, and gyoza was easy to eat. They have Halal Cold Noodle, and it's really good for this hot summer day. I think the noodles made from vegetables, because the colour was green, then topped with vegetables and chicken, and shrimp! And they have vegetarian menu too. I tried their Ma Bou Han, and the spice was really delicious! I think they used some soy meat, and it was taste like a real meat! And for the dessert, you can buy Halal Gelato or Daifuku. I tried Maccha Gelato, not so creamy, but good Maccha Taste. And it can refresh you in this hot weather. Sario have a branch in Yokohama World Porter too. English Speaker Staff ( ? ) English Menu (〇) Prayer Read more...
This is Lanzhou Ramen in Saitama. Despite of difficult access to go there, their ramen is very very delicious, so it worth to try. To order their ramen, first choose what kind of noodles do you want, then choose your topping or set. I oredered Zamzam set handmade noodle. If you choose handmade noodle, the master will make your noodle after you ordered, so it will be fresh. The noodle was very chewy, along with very tasty beef broth, was very good companion. Then, their topping like egg, beef slices, and daikon radish was really delicious. I couldn't stop my chopstick, because their ramen was very delicious, that's why they deserves award from ramen magazines and championship. The location is 20 minutes from Saitama Super Arena. English Menu (✕)
In the previous post, I went to Halal Market in Tokyo Camii Mosque. I bought some products and I want to review it. 1. Puru puru Konyaku Jelly Drink Because it's summer, jelly drink it's a good choice to refresh yourself. There is a lot of fruit flavour you can choose 2. Halal Maccha Mochi Mochi it's a well known japanese sweets. This one have halal marked and can be your one option for souvenir from Japan. But honestly, it's not so maccha, and the filling is chocolate paste. I think it's better if the feeling is maccha paste too. 3. Halal Japanese Green Tea Gyokuro Japanese green tea is very famous for souvenir. This Japanese Green Tea have a interesting design, like Kabuki or a Women in Kimono. And for Gyokuro, there was no bitternes in flavour, so it's easy to drink. 4. Halal Ramen I bought two flavour, Salt Ramen and Miso Ramen. The Noodle was very chewy, and the broth was very tasty. I recommend this ramen for souvenir from japan too
If you go to Japan, don't forget to go to Tokyo Camii Mosque, beautiful mosque in Japan. This year in Ramadhan, Tokyo Camii Mosque open Halal Market. And they have Halal Souvenirs Corner! They sell Halal Mochi Banana and Maccha, Halal Arare (Japan Rice Cracker), and Halal Tea in Japan Souvenir corner. But you can also find Halal Instant Ramen in Noodle corner. Although still less of variation product, maybe this market can be the one new option for your shopping destination.
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