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i am muslim
3 years since I updated my blog LOL ^^ Now , to introduce the only halal francais burger restaurant in middle of tokyo .. place : near ningyocho station. But I walked for 10 minutes from nihombashi station. space : medium but lovely. Comfortable for family dining too. food : western style burger including australia and new zealand imported beef wagyu *most of burgers are halal quantity : burger is large with french fries and pickle as side dish. 1 plate is Enough to fulfil ur empty stomach price : its quite pricey. About 2000yen and above is good to bring for one person. quality : premium style !^^ good waiter as well. recommendation : 9.4/10 note : it takes some time to prepare the dish so be patience about that.. :) Lets keep searching for more halal restaurant like this later on..:D
To American buffet style ^^ place : 6th floor , zone A, Aqua city bldg. (nearest station : daiba , tokyo teleport) space : very large and wide (170 seats) with nice rainbow bridge view. food : variety of food (america , china , japan ,etc) *most of them have halal sign showed. quantity : suit it yourself.i took about 12 pieces of spicy fried chicken in 2 price : its quite cheap on weekdays for buffet , 2351yen per person per 2 hour. A little more if on weekend. quality : premium style !^^ good waiter as well. recommendation : 9.4/10 note : reservation only if exceed 12 people. Osusume to chicken lover as there are over 10 types of chicken :) Lets keep searching for more halal restaurant like this later on..:D
its been a while, haha now to halal curry chain restaurant in akiba...:). here's my review : location :- nearest station is akihabara station ..Near to yodobashi camera. in front of big road n elevated highway. accommodation : clean , neat and table all for single use. food : same taste like japanese curry.:).. price : affordable (700~1500yen) size : medium food quantity : ok recommended : 4.2/5 wait for next update..:)
Weekend time ...:) I usually go to this restaurant at least 3 times per month on lunch time while walking around asakusa. Here my review here : Place : large , wide and well decorated (2 floor) Location : easy to find (refer to pic) Food : wide variety at average price. Quantity : normal Quality : the food taste nice , well , just nice, enough to fill up your stomach at average price.... Lunch : they have a buffet (1100 to 1530) at 1280yen and I can say there is a lot of food to choose + drink bar... Reccomenddation : 4.4/5 Halal : they have halal certificate so no worry...enjoy the food.:)... Wait for next update yah..:D
Nourish with malaysian flavor and taste, here u will have the most expensive roti canai ever (compared to , so here we are, Location : difficult to explain, but just go out from west exit and find a kouen : 公園 : park , then u are near. Restaurant : quite big Price : medium budget, see menu Owner : can speak malay Quality : clean and neat. No worry, got msian song in background something. Quantity : standard , u can add rice with some 2 or 3 hundred yen. Recommend : 4.4/5 , if u miss msia, here is the best. But if not, go find japanese food coz u're here in Malay chan = done Next = wait 4 update yeah..:)
Well, already miss malaysia. So, malay kampung is recomended. Location : nearest is nihonbashi station, kayabacho station also ok , but I just took a 2km walk from tokyo station. Restaurant : nice, and owner can speak malay,english,mandarin and nihongo. Price : location in middle of city, so not too cheap, not too expensive. Quantity : "u will satisfy" amount Recomendation : 4.4/5 Note : they got a full/half roast chicken if u need chicken badly but need to book in advance.
Budget saver, this is for you. Location : 400 metres from gyotoku station Restaurant : large space, ok for group Price : look at picture, then u know. Owner : friendly Quantity : average Quality : good Recommend : 3.9/5 Want to eat like 3 plates (my of briyani, here is the best place.
Its under renovation now. Wait for update. Still can find other siddique branch in shinjuku
Its turkish restaurant.. In summary , if u are rich/high budget , this place for u. Warning : of only 1k yen budget. Dont come here. Location : 100 metres from east exit. At kabukicho , next to gallery2 bldg , u saw shidax karaoke bldg, its nearly in front of it. Quality : of course ok (expensive) Budget : 3000yen gurai. Service : okay la Quantity : not much but high price...come 1 or 2 times per year then ok. Restaurant : large and dine decor Recommendation : please read above
Now for turkish time. Location : a bit hard (ikebukuro station too large) but near malay chan restaurant..just go to west exit about 200 metre. Food : delicious Price : a bit expensive but okay lorr... Service : nice Quantity : not too much Note : only 6 desk but decor was very nice....truly turkey.. Recommended for turkish meal fan Not recommended for budget save...hehe
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