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It was just 2 of us so deciding what to eat was really tough as the menu has so many yummy options! The staff who attended to us (Imran) was really helpful and his recommendations were spot on. The pizzoto pizza was thin and really authentic (like those you will get in Italy). The soft egg in the centre really brought everything together. The gnocchi portion was just nice, but I felt it had not enough salmon bits in the sauce (to justify the price). But the gnocchi pieces were soft yet had bite. Kucina fizz was a bit too sweet for my liking but visually appealing. But the Nutella tiramisu was super yummy! For a die-hard chocolate fan, my husband wiped it out almost instantly! We’ll definitely be back for more!
The place was easy to find with google maps and staff could speak fluent English. We ordered the sashimi and was not disappointed: fresh, thick slices with generous amount of wasabi. The horse mackerel was fresh from the tank! The sushi set was a much better option compared to the jewel roll. Their tamago was really good and not as sweet as the usual tamago served elsewhere, but didn’t seem available to be bought on its own. Best tamago I’ve had!
The place was easy to find using google maps. We had the wagyu beef set (~¥5000) and the shabu shabu beef set (¥4800). Both sets are quite pricey and portion is a bit small for the price but it filled us up just nice as we are small eaters. The shabu shabu set was accompanied by 4-pc tempura, one slice of grilled fish, tamago (egg), a bowl of veg salad and sashimi.
Based on the previous review of this place (and since their halal certificate for the beef is until 2019), we decided to try their sukiyaki beef loin. The set came with a big skillet of which half was the yummy beef! Really thinly sliced and well seasoned, not overcooked. The other vegetables on the skillet include bamboo shoots, sweet onions and mushrooms, and tofu of course. The mean comes with rice, pickled vegetables, raw egg for dipping and miso soup. Take a look at the menu before you decide to eat, depending on your discretion.
The place was quite easy to find, but you have to look out for the sign along the road pointing to the 2nd floor. There was a wait staff by the staircase who could speak a bit of English so that helped. There was a queue (with a lot of locals) at 9:30pm for dinner so that should tell you how tasty it is! We ordered 1 seafood ramen and 1 spicy seafood ramen without the rice and chicken ball (told the wait staff to swop it for another shrimp ball and he was happy to oblige). Broth was light but really tasty with a hint of fish taste (apparently they use different fish to cook the stock according to their catch so it might differ in taste from time to time!) The shrimp ball was SO GOOD! Tastes like the squid balls we get back home in SG but with chunks of prawns inside. Really good find to warm your soul after a long day in winter!
A bit of difficulty finding this place as Shinjuku is huge and the underground walkways have so many exits. They have a limited halal menu (4 options only) but the serving size is big for 1 person. The tempura soba set was around ¥1580 and it was really filling. The chicken curry rice (no picture) was also around ¥1100ish? The sashimi was for 1 person’s portion but had 4 slices of flounder and (smoked) salmon each. Reasonably priced for the portion you get.
A quaint little shop that has a wide menu, perfect for a halal intro to Japanese food with super friendly wait staff! The menu was so wide we had to make a second trip to the place coz we wanted to try more of the stuff on the menu. 1) the gyoza was juicy, with a good amount of chicken and veg in the dumpling. The wrap was crispy and light and the dipping sauce was salty and sour that went well with the dumplings 2) the yakisoba was light and springy, but could’ve had a bit more gravy as I found it on the drier side. Generous portions of cabbage and seafood. 3) beef yakiniku rice set - a bit steep in terms of price but the beef was tender and juicy, and there was a generous portion of teppenyaki style veg to accompany the beef. 4) sashimi salad was surprisingly light and the fish was really fresh. The dressing was sweet, salty and sour and accompanied the sashimi really well. A great appetiser to start! 5) the okonomiyaki was small but surpri Read more...
Small and cosy place that specialises in ramen. Didn’t get to try the stewed beef ramen, but the miso and special Naritaya ramen are really good!
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