Due to stock availability. Only 2 bento is Halal.

Zenmai Halal Bento

Marunouchi 1-Chome, Tokyo Stn. South Gate, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 100-0005 Japan
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Marunouchi 1-Chome, Tokyo Stn. South Gate, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 100-0005 Japan


Bentou, Kebab, Turkish

Halal Tips (7)
    4 people say menu labelled Halal.
    1 person says all meats used are Halal.
    1 person says Halal status verbally confirmed by staff.
    1 person says Halal certificate is visible.
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Halal Certified
Certified By Nippon Asia Halal Association
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They no longer sell the halal bento. Please update.
You need to tap into the station and use the train to be able to access and find this place.
I was trying to find Halal bento here for my bus trip to Tottori, then I saw halalnavi show me this information. For your information, there are only 2 bento labelled halal. As I went here around 7 pm, I just managed to secure 2 halal bentos, which is the last halal bentos (We need 3 bentos though). But we bought it anyway :) You need to make sure to buy the halal bento (the label is clearly visible on the bento display window). There are only 2 bento labelled halal. So, you won't make a mistake. I recommend you to buy in early day or during afternoon. During the night the halal bento most likely would be sold out.
PORK ALERT !! I went to the store EXACTLY as in the picture. I even saw a muslim family bought bento before me here. 1 person said that ALL meats used is halal, so I guess that this must be the right place. So without much thinking I bought a bento and it turns out to be PORK. It also contains ALCOHOL. Maybe I went to the WRONG STORE. There's not much information here, and it's really confusing. So be careful.
There are 2 zenmai bentos in tokyo station. The only one that carries the halal bento (great for takeaway lunch) is in picture. Note: takeaways only. Approx 900yen per box.