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A graduate student who lives in Yokohama, Japan.
It was super close to Asakusa station. Just walk for 3 mins from the Asakusa Water Bus Terminal. And then you will find it. They just started halal services here. I would say the place was super nice, and the staffs were so friendly. They can speak english well. The price of the food also normal. It was not too expensive and the portion also enough (especially for girls). For boys, you can ask for free refill for the white rice. However, I don’t think the taste of the food was special. It was just normal and plain :( But the experience you will get here is nice. I tried the beef cutlet and I can grill it by myself on the hot fuji stone. My friend ordered shabushabu, so you can see your food cooked in front of your eyes. Overall, if you need a comfy place to have halal meal in japanese style and a comfortable space to pray in Asakusa, come here.
Finally tried halal restaurant in minato mirai. It is located in the first floor of world porters. - The place is good for big group since they have plenty of tables. - We ordered shio ramen and japanese beef curry. The taste of shio ramen was too light and I think this is a chinese ramen not japanese ramen (which is usually have thick broth). The taste of curry was ok, but my husband thought the meat was too few. - They have a halal chili paste also available if you need more spice
I missed Indian curry, so I went to this place in Odaiba. I could clearly see the halal sign outside the restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, it fits for large group or family, as you can see the view outside which is so beautiful (tokyo night view with rainbow bridge). It closes at 23:00 so you have plenty of time to enjoy the night’s view. The food was nice, thankfully the size of naan bread was not so huge (unlike others indian restaurant), so I enjoy the portion of my meal (because I am a girl). The staff also friendly to us, as when we walked in... he greeted us with Salam. I would repeat my visit here in the future :)
A new opened turkish restaurant since the beginning of 2018. My friend told me that the owner of this restaurant is Kurdish. The place was nice, and its walkable distance to hiyoshi station. You can have the proper dine in, then go to the second floor. If you want to get kebab take out you can go to get the kebab on the first floor. The atmosphere of the place was cozy. The waitress is biligual, she could speak japanese and fluent english. The portion of the food was huge. If you are a girl, I suggest you to share food among your friends. But if you are a guy, I know you would be happy. Me and my friends did iftar here. It was a Friday night. One thing you need to take a note if you want to come here: Every Friday night starts from 8 p.m, there will be a belly dance show inside the restaurant. It feels uncomfortable 😂 especially since it is ramadhan. So, our group decided to get our bill paid and leave.
Another Ayam-ya branch. I triend the Ayam-ya Okachimachi once, and this time is the Kyoto branch. I order spicy ramen level 2, and it was amazingly delicious. Especially if you loves spicy food. My husband ordered Jakarta ramen (which is mie ayam with rice), and it tasted sweet. We ordered chicken karage as always, because I do like their karage. I think the price for 1 set karage increased by 100¥. They have big prayer room, separated between male and female. The location also really close to the Kyoto Station. I saw there are several western people also coming and try this ramen, I guess ayam ya is not only popular among moslem tourists but also among the other tourists. Nice *unfortunately, since my phone was broken I couldn’t take any photos.
We just finished shopping at Toko Indonesia in Okubo. Then we crave some food, while spoting this Halal Indonesian Restaurant. The place is quite small. Not good for big group, probably 4/5 people per group is the max number. The price was cheap, thats why the portion was not so big. I recommend you to try variety of dishes and share with other. The taste was close to the real Indonesian dishes taste. Especially the Kari Ayam and Tempe Goreng. The Gado-gado was missing something, but still ok.
Craving some halal meat while visiting Kyoto, so we visit this place. The atmosphere and ambience of the place was nice and relaxing. Nice place to hang ou t and chat with friends. Thats why the price of this place was quite expensive compared to other halal services. But thats makes sense! Because its yakiniku! Normal price for yakiniku. We went here for dinner, and sadly lots of menus was not available. Already sold out. No idea whether everything just sold out during the lunch time or it was hard to get all the ingredients needed. The juicy beef was nice, but the portion for male is quite small. For me it was ok. So we keep ordering things after the set finishes.
First time trying kebab in Asakusa. We chose this place because from the review we saw that you can have a nice place to dine in. They have the big seating place downstairs for big group. The food was nice and the owner was really friendly. I thought the kebab portion was not that big, but actually thats was enough for a female stomach :) different story for male We bought the chicken wings set for take away, and it was really delicious!!
Finally got the chance to try this legendary ramen. I went there during the night, and there was no queue at all. So, here is the way how to order: 1. Queue on the cashier desk first to order 2. The normal bowl price is 880¥, then you can choose the thin/medium/fat type of noodle 3. You can add extra pakchi or extra beef (optional, with additional fee) 4. You can ask them to remove the pakchi or remove the rayu (spicy oil). 5. Pay for your order first 6. The waitrees will show you the table, and bring your order The ramen was really nice. The soup was refreshing, and the pakchi really made it feels healthy. Compared to the thick broth of Japanese ramen (that will make you feels heavy), this one is much more lighter. If you are indonesian or malaysian, try to imagine Mie Baso without any ketchup or sauce. Thats the taste. This place is quite big, if you come with 6 people is ok. But, this place feels like a fastfood atmosphere, so you can't Read more...
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