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Very delicious. Abt 10 mins fast walking from Kyoto station. Spicy foods are really indonesian spicy! Note: Opening hours. Seats 20 pax. Separate prayer rooms for males and females. Each has its own 'wudhu' area. Max of 2 ppl per space.
There are 2 zenmai bentos in tokyo station. The only one that carries the halal bento (great for takeaway lunch) is in picture. Note: takeaways only. Approx 900yen per box.
Seats >20 pax. Opposite Asakusa Tsukuba Station. (There are 2 different stations operated by different companies) Note: Food is more on the expensive side but very delicious.
Despite what is found on google maps, there is only ONE Naritaya shop. Don't waste time looking for 'Naritaya Mentei'. Seats 15 pax. But as it is located in an indoor street alley, waiting for your turn if the place is full no problem as many shops avail got browsing. Note: Shop on left of Naritaya sells calendars that openly have topless women. So be wary of letting your kids/husbands wander off alone ^_^.
Place is easily found as according to address. Seats 8 pax total. 4-5 pax outside so be sure to wear proper clothes if planning to eat there during winter. Note: Pigeons start coming as soon as you start eating can be a nuisance. Seller is multi-lingual,eng/mly/jap. They do not have hot drinks and give the iced tea miss.
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