Kowloon Jyou (Kuronjyou)

Japan, 〒136-0071 Tōkyō-to, Kōtō-ku, Kameido, 6 Chome−23−2, 東京大排档

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    Japan, 〒136-0071 Tōkyō-to, Kōtō-ku, Kameido, 6 Chome−23−2, 東京大排档
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    11:00 am - 12:00 am
Halal Tips (29)
  • 6 people say all meats used are Halal.
  • 6 people say Halal certificate is visible.
  • 5 people say menu labelled Halal.
  • 4 people say the owner/staff are muslim.
  • 3 people say alcohols are served.
  • 2 people say Halal status verbally confirmed by staff.
  • 1 person says vegetarian meal is available.
  • 1 person says Halal dishes are available upon request.
  • 1 person says seafood-only menu is available.
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  • Muslim Cook
  • Muslim Chef
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  • Sadia_sigma2 weeks ago

    Buffet , BBQ beef,lamb or chicken, Big space for party, Reasonable price, Near to the Kameido Station, Taste good, Prayer space ... What else you need to not to come here ... Halal Yakiniku tabehodai ...

  • Farhan Wahab1 month ago

    The food was good . The restaurant atmosphere is also nice . The workers were okay . Beef quality was average but good considering the buffet price

  • Muddu Zabi7 months ago

    Wanted to try out some BBQ where halal food is served. Found this place which seems to be a main branch of the Tokyo Muslim Chinese restaurant in kinshicho. The food is halal, but do mind that they serve alcohol. They have an all you can eat buffet for around 2500 for 90 mins and 3000 for 120 mins. There is a pretty big menu from which u can order anything for the DIY BBQ. The buffet itself has lots of items and is quite a spread. Will go again next time with some preparation of course to try out more.. :D

  • arienursanti2018-03-17

    I really recommend this restaurant for shabu-shabu and yakiniku lovers❤👍🏻. You can choose yakiniku, shabu-shabu, or chinese cuisine for 'all you can eat' menu! yes, tabehoudai!😍 Just becarefull with your diet program😂. They have three course of meat. At this time, I choosed shabu-shabu. ❤😄😋 Whatever your course, We could enjoy all the buffet with various of appetizer, chinese foods, salads, desserts, and beverages. I love shirogoma dango! it's really tummy😋! They have big enough prayer room also. So, you can do shalat jamaah with your friends.

  • アティラ2 months ago

    Had a chance to chit chat with the owner before we start the meal. The owner said this restaurant is the main branch for Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Kinshichou station. The restaurant is very spacious! They have big toilet & prayer space. Besides grilled course, you can choose nabe & shabu2 course. You may also have a la carte chinese cuisine. You can eat as much beef chicken & ribs/lamb as you want for 70 min with free flow drink, salad, rice & dessert.

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