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Muddu Zabi

• From India • Live in Japan • Islam

Food lover, looking out for different places to try out different cuisines. Currently staying in Tokyo.
A small place serving amazing Falafel sandwiches. The portion size is huge and very filling. We ordered Falafel plate and Falafel sand for 2 and almost dint finish it. They have only vegetarian, though alcohol is also served.
After hearing a lot about Ghengis Khan BBQ in Sapporo, decided to try it out. Very limited options for Halal Genghis Khan in Sapporo, but finally found this place. About 2 stations by subway from odori station near Nakajima Koen station. Once I entered I was shown to my table immediately even though I dint have a reservation. I asked for an English menu and asked about halal status. I was given a Muslim friendly menu. Which had few options and also a kind of disclaimer. Since I was there to try Genghis Khan bbq I asked for that and a separate rice. I was told at first that the sauce was not halal so I can eat with salt and pepper. But after I started, I was given another sauce which they said was halal. The bbq was really good along with the sauce. The meat was tender and juicy. It’s an all you can eat so ask for as much meat and veggies as u can eat within 100 mins. ;) If I wasn’t in a hurry I wud have had some more. Overall a good exp.
After having a late breakfast and some thrilling roller coaster rides at dome city I decided to head for "lunch" at 5 PM and reached this place. It was totally empty (I wud have been surprised if there were ppl at this time). I walked in and was greeted with As Salaam Alaikum by a smiling sister and shown to my seat. I was a bit confused what to order and finally chose Awa fried beef set with extra meat and a kabob. The menu was a bit pricey. After getting my order I dug in. The initial feeling was that it was very tasty, maybe bcz I was very hungry but after a bit I felt a little disappointed. Though the food itself was tasty the meat was not up to the mark. The kabob was also the same. Total bill was around 2300 which was expensive considering I have been to other places where u get all u can eat buffet with bbq at around 2500. But still I would like to try this restaurant in future to see how the other dishes are. Overall the experience was av Read more...
Finally it was time to try another new thing in Japan. This time it was the Japanese curry and what better place to have this than Coco curry house. They recently opened up a halal outlet at Akihabara which I visited today. It's not far from the other Coco outlet which is not halal, so make sure u watch out for the halal sign. I ordered the tender chicken cutlet curry and some fries. Considering it was my first time I was not disappointed. The curry was fantastic with the right amount of spices and aroma. The chicken cutlet was tender and juicy and was surprisingly big. Overall it was quite filling and not very costly too. I also ordered a takeout of chicken kheema curry which I had assumed would be the same taste with different topping, but surprisingly had a different taste too which was quite good. Just wishing something similar wud open up near my place. As of now I will have to manage by commuting to Akihabara whenever I feel like having som Read more...
A normal indian curry restaurant. The place is small with about 12 seats. They have normal indian curries and some starters. I ordered a chicken do pyaza which came with salad, drink and choice of bread/rice for which I chose paratha. Paratha was quite different as it was made of wheat and not maida. The curry taste was quite ok, nothing great. The lassi was very watery, which I don't like. It's just around 2-3 mins walk from kinshicho station and also halal. Quite close to my office so will visit in future.
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