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Ippin Ebisu

Ebisu nishi 2-13-16, Rangs Daikanyama 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021 Japan
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Ebisu nishi 2-13-16, Rangs Daikanyama 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021 Japan



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Guys, is this restaurant really closed? Their website is still up. I want to go but don't want to waste train fare if it's closed. Can someone advise?
Had tried shabu-shabu here. They used lamb meat. Different from others. We ordered for 5pax but the waiter said just order for 3 pax it could be more than enough. And yes that true. My tummy getting bigger after having it. Haha. For side dish, we ordered nasi goreng. They said they can do it for us even though not in their menu. Have some space for solah. Delicious foods, friendly staff and cozy place.
Just tried this lamb shabu shabu today. It was filling for 4 persons with the 2 servings. Ordered the boiled dumpling and karaage, delicious as well. Great service too.
Absolutely love this place. Cosy and they serve a very good food. Our highlight is having this Tajima Wagyu beef which is so good. Must try!
They've introduced a new menu. The special is lamb hot pot, with 3 soups, a non-spicy chicken broth and a spicy szechuan pepper broth. The set is for 2, you can probably stretch it for 3 or 4 people if you order other smaller dishes. Old items like the tajima black beef and bamboo rice are still on the menu with slight tweaks to the recipe that made it extra yummy.