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Yes, they serves alcohol and pork. But only chicken is labelled halal. They cook this chicken in the fryer, which is not mixed with any pork or beef dishes except for vegetables and shrimps. Inside the menu, it is called half or full chicken. There are other vege and seafood dishes which u need to ask from the waiter. Pizza is nice too. Real quality and made by Malaysian muslim. Only two types of pizza serves pork; bismark and proschutto, but others are also vegetables type of pizzas. Why do i know this? Coz i am the one who do the pizza. I work here. Dont forget to say hi when u come by. Hehe
Im guessing the owner used to work in hotel or he just traveled a lot. Being here feels like hanging out in a 90's hotel lounge. Nice, relaxing, atmosphere. Maybe the australian flag on the window has something to do with his before experiences. Serves alcohol but provide halal menu for muslims. If u cant read japanese, they also have the one in english. Friendly owner. Japanese but loves to go from table to table and talk with guests. I had two dishes, hamburg which was recommended by him. With set, it comes with rice, noodle, and salad. The hamburg itself is juicy and tender, even though it was cooked well done. The homemade sauce was awesome. It goes so well with the meat. But for others, it was a so-so. I can see how he put the effort and love towards the food. Not to mention his food presentation, he definitely worked in a hotel or cottage restaurant. I would also recommend this dish. After having that, i decided to try the sir Read more...
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