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First generation Iranian American. I love to travel and eat out at as many places as possible. So grateful I've been able to do so, Alhamdulillah 💯
A little place in Irving Texas about 22 mins from Dallas. It's a stand alone, kind of close to a neighborhood so you might pass it by. I loved the decorations and the service, it wasn't that busy but it was also midday. The mint tea was served in a traditional teapot and was flavored and sweetened so nothing needed to be added. I ordered the chicken Kabob with the hummus. The meat was tender and seasoned nicely( not overpowering )
Muslim owned restaurant in China town . Very casual and has an Authentic feel to it. It's my understanding that The meat is all Halal there, we were also told that the noodles are freshly made there as well. I had the noddles dish ( veggie) but my friends order meat dishes and raved about them.
I went to Stanton city bites once again, it's that good! Rmr you have to ask for the burger to be made with halal meat. I tried the "cowboy brunch" burger ( without bacon of course). I enjoyed it, the meat was seasoned nicely and kept its juices, the fried egg is always a plus on burgers in my opinion. The only thing I would change would be the bread. It's made with Texas toast rather than a traditional bun, but it wasn't really my definition of Texas toast. If you're a cheese lover You can't go wrong with the "holy cow " burger ❤️ Casual atmosphere, The artwork and old signs are a nice touch.
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