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Good food. Affordable pricing. Closest taste, vibe/feeling to home.😂 serves alcohol though.
Really good food, friendly staffs. Affordable pricing. Small area though, 11 seats. Came at 1130am, 2nd in queue. By 1140, there were long queues outside.
Ordered special spicy miso and soy sauce ramen. Really good food. Ramen set menu ranges from 1600JPY to 2200JPY. Small prayer space available. All halal, no alcoholic beverages served. The restaurant is quite small. Reservation for large group would be recommended.
All ingredients/food served are halal. Meat available are only lamb and chicken, no beef. Cheese naan was the highlight. Butter chicken was good too. Price is very affordable. Alcohol is the only non halal.
Good food. Probably the only fully halal establishment i found in osaka. No non halal food or alcohol served. Employees were mostly muslims. Not sure about owners. Makeshift prayer room available.
Food was really good. Recommend to reserve first. Heavily patronised. Really popular with both muslim and non muslims families.
Nice halal indonesian food. No non-halal food. They only alcohol drink they sell is bintang beer. Sells gudang garam and semporna.
Service is very good, food too. More affordable pricing. Very near umeda sky tower.
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