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Hello/salaam! I'm a Pakistani Australian who visited Japan for the first time in Feb 2016. IG: @hanialasagne
Apparently there are two branches... we went to the one near Shibuya station (over the pedestrian overpass, near Doutor Coffee). Halal notice on the door/English name sign makes it easy to find. First shabu shabu experience for us. We hadn't made a reservation beforehand so they could only give us the bento box and the shabu shabu set. We were seated in a separate private room in the basement (it sounds creepy but isn't!). The waiter explained how to boil the beef etc which was nice since we had zero idea how to eat shabu shabu style. Waiter also grilled the sashimi for us upon request. Good for the experience, although it is expensive. They also accept Visa/Mastercard.
Good tasty kebabs. We had the doner (beef) for 500 yen each. Meat was a little dry, but for it to be in a convenient location (Shibuya, right amongst the madness) is a plus. The kebab's size is just big enough to get you going in between meals. It is a bit tricky to find though and easy to miss.
We came here because it was close by and easy to find. The waiter said previously not all the meat was halal, but from April 2015 it is now all halal. We were given a halal menu. We ordered the spicy chicken, butter chicken and 4 plain naan. The curries we had weren't the best (i.e. the butter chicken didn't really taste like butter chicken). The naan were big sized and filling. Portions were on the generous side as well, albeit the overall cost of items was pricey. However they do accept card (including Visa), have free wifi and plenty of seating for a large group.
Walking distance from Kyoto station. Keep walking on Shiokoji Dori (away from the station, with the station on your left hand side), climb up the green pedestrian overpass at the big intersection and then you will see a small row of shops on the left at the bottom of the stairs where Ayam-ya is. The info here is wrong, they do not accept card, it is cash only. They do not do take away either. The staff is super nice and orders come out quick. Nice filling food. I would say the noodles are a bigger portion than the chicken on rice though.
It was tricky for us to find this place, it's on the 8th floor of the same building that Annam (Indian restaurant) is on. We ordered 3 types of noodle dishes (51, 52 and 57 I think), but from what I can remember, the mee goreng was the best. It was so good that we ordered extra for takeaway. It reminded me of the Pappa Rich fried noodles.
Near Akihabara station, but off the main road in an alley- so it was difficult for us to find! We had the chicken wrap kebabs. They were a decent size and good enough to satisfy our hunger.
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