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Newly opened-Indonesian restaurant in Hachioji, owned by an Indonesian Muslim and the chefs are originally from Bali. Confirmed by the owner herself that all dishes are halal though they provide alcohol (like any other Indonesian restaurants you find in Tokyo anyway). The place is clean and uniquely designed to have low table set-seating place. My favorites from the menu are tumis kangkung, tempe manis, tumis cumi and bebek betutu. I tried also their gado-gado, gulai kambing and es dawet but to me they are not so recommended as the gado-gado presented cold, etc. Price-wise, a bit expensive but worth it. Lastly, please note that THE COCONUT AND MANGO ICE CREAM ARE NOT YET HALAL/MUSLIM FRIENDLY-CONFIRMED as we asked them to recheck the ingredient first and we found emulsifier (nyukazai) which they don't know what it's made of.
Price and place-wise: ★★★★★ Located in the food court of AEON Mall Tamadaira, making your eating experience hassle-free and water is free provided by the mall. Taste-wise: depends on your preference, their curries are South Indian type which if you're not Pakistani/Indian you might not find any difference from other curry restaurants' in Japan.
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