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Honolu Ramen is now opened in Asakusa! If you're visiting Kaminarimon don't forget to give this Ramen a try 🙈
LANS HALAL Vege Dining is actually located inside Kobe University. The cafeteria provides special menu range from Halal, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan.
【information of change of business hours for New Year's Holiday】 1/1(mo) 17:00~22:00 1/2(tu) 11:00~22:00 1/3(we) 11:00~22:00 If you have any other info on other shops, please write a review :)
Did you know that you can claim free karaage (s size) at honolu ramen Ebisu? Just share a photo/review on Halal Navi and show it to the staff :3
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