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We arrive at 9.30pm and the stall almost close but the staff is very nice, still take our order and wait until we finished eat. Got chicken and beef or mix both kebab. You all should also try their Long Potato. Very nice.
The price is reasonable, you can get kebab as low as 500 yen. Other menu such as Chicken Rice, Potato, etc also available. No option for drinks, only got Strawberry and Mango smoothie. Halal certifate clearly visible. There are also several other halal stalls nearby (just next to this stall) that you can choose from.
Due to its popularity, at certain time this restaurant is full and crowded with people. You might have to wait outside before allowed to enter. Prayer room available for both male/female. Price is reasonable, for example Ramen 800 yen, small chicken with rice bawl 380 yen.
When we arrive (at 5.30pm) the restaurant has already closed. So we dont have chance to taste the food, but we see a Halal logo on front shop name as well as on the menu outside. Be aware that they might dont understand what Halal really mean. They only know that no pork and no alcohol mean halal. Please check before order if they use non-halal meat/chicken too. Also the souce could contain alcohol too.
You need to walk along a very tiny steet to get here. But easy to spot as u can see huge Malaysia flags from the outside. Mostly malaysian menu such as Nasi Goreng, Nasi Ayam, Tomyam, etc. Price average from 900 to 1200 yen per menu. Each customer must order minimum 1 food and 1 drink (sharing not allowed). Got halal logo on menu, but serve beer as well. Staff able to speak basic malay language.
Got kebab (various size, S, M, L) and wrap style kebab. Chicken, beef and mix (chicken + beef). Price aproximately 400 to 500 yen. Very limited space (2 seats available) usually occupied so you have to eat somewhere else (on the street).
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