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Zharif Yusof

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and He knows better
Alhamdulillah.. The food is very nice. Unfortunately, the service is not that good. -They will spill water on your table without any excuses. -Very loud -In peak times(new year, holiday, weekends) please make early reservation. - No bell or chime to call for service.. So, admist the crowd please call out to them when you need anything. -They will server water according their own serving paces. So, please speak up if u need water earlier. -Slow service in peak time. -If you come quite late, some menu will not be available as the food stock is quite limited. As for my observation, some customer aren't able to order any rice based menu(bcoz the rice aren't available-lame excuse to me). -Outside food is strictly prohibited. So, please take away any dishes that you feel like eating.(my observation: the customer that want rice in their dishes bought rice from nearby combini and try to eat here.. unfortunately.. They were denied to enter after bought Read more...
Those with car might need to plan your visit first as the parking fees around the area will be about 30min-500¥. I was charged 2000¥. 😂
Very very nice service.. Well.. They give me free nan and lassi even I only ordered for 1 curry. Very nice attendance.. But the price is quite expensive compare to other branch.
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