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Very picky about food, must eat halal food
The ramen here is very yummy and also the gyoza is delicious. Definitely worth to try. The price range for ramen is 800-1000 yen and for the side menu is from 300-500 yen. It is recommended to try gold sesame ramen.
Enak banget, rasanya mirip ama makanan di Indonesia, yg enak sop buntut sama siomay nya, To foreigner it is recommended to try oxtail soup and meat ball
The restaurant is located near the port on miyajima island. The menu is range from tempura to seafood. The grilled oyster is delicious and the tempura set is delicious too. The portion of the dish is big, its guaranteed that you will be full eating here. There is also prayer space in here, but you must ask the staff if you want to use it. The price range is from 1200 - 2900 yen, a bit pricey in my opinion but understandable since it is a tourist spot.
Cafe halal in nagoya. The place is good and cozy. There is a prayer space here for one people. The food is really good, wagyu steak is very delicious and miso soup is the best, also the salad is great. If you come here, I recommend you eat the wagyu steak. The price range is from 600-2100 yen. Overall, the experience is really good. Recommended place to eat.
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