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Very picky about food, must eat halal food
Second time coming here, to honolu ramen tokyo. The taste is very similar to honolu ramen osaka, but in here the menu is more various. There is a beef ramen here. Overall, you can get the enjoyable experience by eating here. Definitely worth it. The price for ramen is range from 880 yen to 1380 yen.
The noodles here are very delicious. The price is also reasonable, from 880-1200 yen. If you come here, I suggest you to try the cool mix noodle, it is very delicious. The owner is moslem from China. And also there is a prayer space in the restaurant. Overall, it is very good experience to eat here. You will not be disappointed.
The place is nice, and the food is delicious. I try wagyu burger and it is delicious, especially the wagyu beef. Although the burger is a little bit small for my portion. And the price is little bit high, but I think it is still worth it.
Chibo restaurant sell many authentic japanese food like yakisoba, okonomiyaki and wagyu beef. Today, I order okonomiyaki and yakisoba. Both are delicious and according to my friend the taste is similar with the non halal. The place is very nice and cozy. For the halal food, you must ask the staff at the second floor, and then you will be directed to the 7th floor. The price range for yakisoba and okonomiyaki are between 1500-2000 yen, but the overall experience is worthed.
The kebab here is very delicious. And it also have the baklava, traditional turkey desert, which also very delicious. The portion is quite big, so be prepared. The price range is from 800-1200 yen. Definitely worth the price.
The place is nice and clean. There is a prayer room for two people. But the dish is quite plain, in my opinion, need more taste in it. Overall, the experience is good and enjoyable. The price range is from 700 to 1100 yen.
Definitely one of the best ramen in town, the broth is very thick and delicious, and if you order the spicy one be prepared to sweat since its hot and delicious, the kaarage also good, so if happen to be in Osaka, you must try this one The price range is from 850-1150 yen, very worth it.
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