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Aida Nur Ariza

• From Malaysia • Live in Japan • Islam

A new place in shibuya that one should give a try! It is very near to gyumon (their sister shop) and they serve superb lamb shabu-shabu buffet course. All the dishes and drinks are refillable and seriously it is very addictive! We lost count on how many plates of lamb we had that night. Haha. The lamb is so soft and just melts in your mouth and the soup we dipped in was just enough to add flavors to the meat. All meats served here are halal and they separate the dishes and glasses for their muslim customers, so you guys should definitely give it a try!
Me and my friends tasted a few dishes here and everything were so good! My fav would still be the miso ramen cause the soup was creamy but the others was good too. Spicy lovers will definitely love the spicy ramen. And dont forget to use halal navi coupon to get a free karaage :3
Other Muslims are not advised to go to this restaurant as before they once used non halal meats and chicken in their menu without informing the customers. A lot of Muslim customers go to this restaurant because they said they have Jakim Halal certificate but as you can see the cert expired 17 years ago and there are no assurance that it is halal. If you still want to eat here, I suggest you to order seafood as it might be safer.
i dont think i need to say much. hands down this is the best place to enjoy true wagyu yakiniku. havent found a place that can make me change my mind yet. any other suggestions? :)
Yakiniku review! Finally had the chance to try this place out after seeing a lot of good reviews on it. Love it that they have a wide variety of menu so you wont get bored with the food. They are more korean-ish i guess? The bibimbap was really good and so was other dishes like chijimi and etc. As for the meats, they are 2 sets that you can choose from (not really sure of the difference though) and the meats were prepped well. The taste was okay but i would still prefer Tanden's meat anytime of the day. The price was affordable IF you came with a large group. Maybe you can get away by ordering a bunch of stuff and share it with your friends? I will definitely recommend this place though to anyone who has korean food cravings :)
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