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I cannot find this place. Seriously. I have walked a distance for this restaurant. Lucky Ayam-ya was near.
Ayam-Ya Namba is located a distance from the center location. However, the distance dissipates after eating the bowl of ramen they served. Bought their takeout karage but have yet to eat. Shop owner can be friendlier. Ramen Shoyu.
Cold Soba was on point because of the mentsuyu sauce. However, the noodles is too chewy. Will come back for more still. I love the Volcano Ramen here.
Seafood Yakisoba, dry curry Chicken rice, Sashimi... karage... Oishi-desu! We had a last minute walk in after USJ. We were so hungry after USJ. Since it is near we stop by. We were also recommended by Tsuki Usagi to come here. But I still cannot forget how Tsuki Usagi tasted still (gomenasai).
They have halal cert for every carcass they have slaughtered. Therefore, you need to verify it with the "barcode" number.
A trip to kobe will never be forgotten. We had made a last minute request (weareSorry) for the chef to welcome us to their restaurant. I appreciate their effort and time to entertain us and to be honest we are greatly appreciate both of the chef and the waiter who took our orders and treated us like a VIP customers for this trip. Food is beyond extraordinary. Service is beyond extraordinary. Honesty is beyond extraordinary. Thank you. OISHI DESU!♡♡ Will come back again Next Year! Note that the meal set is a 7 course meal. Depending on which meat you choose.
My husband who is not a noodle eater says this, "Can we stop eating Maggi and come here?" Surprisingly the Soba noodles we had, (he had hot soba while I had cold soba) lasted us till 6pm in the evening. It is superb. Seriously, from the Matcha tea, to the Tempura bowl, and the Chicken bowl.. PERFECT.
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