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Aprilia Suandi

• From Indonesia • Live in Japan • Islam

a student of waseda university
Ordered the matcha-vanilla flavor. Not bad, but not something extraordinary either. But for sure, having an ice cream during the hot summer days in Japan is never dissapointing😄
I ordered pecel lele and tempe goreng. Not super tasty, but not bad either. A good alternative for lunch or dinner when you are around Akihabara, especially because they provide prayer space and it is located near the station.
We went to Mitsui Outlet Makuhari, and tried to find halal restaurants around there. Fortunately, there is a ramen restaurant that now serves halal ramen located in the foodcourt of Plena Makuhari. There are two halal menus: Prawn Ramen and Clam and Veg Ramen. The prawn ramen seems to be salt-based and the clam ramen is shoyu-based. I prefer the clam ramen. It was beyond my expectation. With only around 800 yen, you can get a big portion of ramen. If you are a small stomach person, I remind you to have an empty stomach when eating it😄
I ordered chicken tender cutlet with cheese. I chose 200 gr rice and spicy level 3. For me, the portion is too big, so I felt sooo full after I finished eating it😂 And level 3 is quite spicy for my tounge, so next time I may choose level 2 instead. Minus point for this place is that it is not baby (or kids) friendly, because the place is small.
Tried their miso ramen, and I like it. The beef topping is surprisingly tender and delicious.
It is a buffet style vegan restaurant. 1600 yen for lunch, and 2100 yen for dinner. As I went there just to have a light snack, I asked them whether I could just order the dessert, and surprisingly the staff said it was possible. There were some cakes and ice creams menu (500 yen for each), and I chose matcha ice cream. It was delicious! Not too sweat, as I still could clearly taste the bitter of the matcha. Love it! Too bad I forgot to take picture of the ice cream. They have prayer space, buat it was very small. Enough for me, but a bit difficult for my male friend who is taller than me.
The karaage or deep fried chicken is definitely a-must-try menu. And for the noodles, ethnic curry mazesoba is my favorite. Maybe because it reminds me of laksa taste :D
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