Red Lobster

Minato-ku, 東京都, 135-0091 Japan
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Minato-ku, 東京都, 135-0091 Japan



Halal Tips (2)
    1 person says seafood-only menu is available.
    1 person says alcohols are served.
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I have visited the restaurant and they said they did serve the halal menue last year and they don't anymore
I have visited this restaurant, but they didnt provide halal menu. Should be rechecked.
Muslim friendly menu Red Lobster restaurant, rated by Halal Navy👍🏻😊. You can reach this restaurant in Aqua City Odaiba. They have fresh lobsters and show them in front of the restaurant. I think this place is really good for seafood lovers! Yummy!!😋 Besides you can eat delicious foods there, Odaiba is also the best place for children. My children love this place, because they feel free running and playing in wide place, outside the building. They also have good scenery around. You can enjoy rainbow bridge, beach, liberty statue, big gundam, and more!