Mominoki - Shibuya

2-18-5 jingu-mae shibuyaku, Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-0001 Japan
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2-18-5 jingu-mae shibuyaku, Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-0001 Japan



Halal Tips (4)
    1 person says Halal status verbally confirmed by staff.
    1 person says alcohols are served.
    1 person says it uses separate utensils for Halal dishes.
    1 person says some non-Halal dishes are served.
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If you searching for healthy and halal menu near Harajuku, you can go to this restaurant. Mominoki House is mainly sell vegetarian food, though they sell food contain of meat too, they confirmed that utensils they used for meat and vegetarian is separate. And because I can't find Halal sign, I asked the staff, and they confirmed all food in vegetarian menu is Halal. I ordered Tempe Steak with Ginger Sauce (because I like tempe 😅) and Cocoa Cake (Today's Cake) for the dessert. Tempe Steak comes with Veggie Plate, Brown Rice, and Miso Soup. Veggie plate have 9 kinds of different taste vegetable, and all really fresh and delicious. And Tempe steak, it's not like usual Tempe, maybe because it comes from chickpeas (maybe), but the sauce is really match with tempe steak. Then for cake, because it's not using egg and milk, the texture is not like a fuwafuwa-fluffy cake, but still delicious. Even the cake not using white sugar, the sweet taste from the Read more...