Minokichi KEIO Shinjuku

1-1-4 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 1600023 Japan
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1-1-4 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 1600023 Japan


Kaiseki, Kyoto Cuisine, Japanese

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This was my second visit to Minokichi and this time, they were featuring their Spring menu. This time around, we chose the Moon set which was ¥7500 per person. Set aside 2-3 hours for lunch as you wouldn't want to rush through the courses. You want to savour each course and the waiter assigned to us both times was knowledgeable and fluent enough in English to make this a great cultural learning experience. The restaurant requires 2 working days notice for halal menu reservation and they're pretty strict about this so plan your visit in advance. The courses (may be different depending on what is available): 1. Appetizer: Plum juice, "wild grass" with crab, radish with rubbed tofu, boiled prawn, steamed egg, white bait deep-fried with an arare crust, sakura mochi. 2. Soup with nanohana (a symbol of Spring in Japan), minced fish steamed in seabream 3. Sashimi which included seabream, fatty tuna, and yuba 4. Tempura with prawn, lotus root, ba Read more...
This was my first time trying Kyoto keiseki and I was blown away. For the halal menu, a few days notice is required and we made our reservations at the Shinjuku restaurant due to its proximity to where we were. The lunch set was ¥5,400 per person for a 6-8 course meal (depending on how you count it). The menu varies from one season to another, and this week's menu was still based on autumn, so you'll see autumn staples such as chestnut making an appearance as well as garnishings like momoji leaves. The ingredients were simple and fresh, but what blew my mind was the technique and pairings that resulted in a wonderful culinary experience. Add to this the very knowledgable server who explained each course, from ingredient to technique as well as Japanese cultural references. Keiseki meals run long, and our 6-8 course lunch is considered short. If you book a dinner menu, beef shabu-shabu is available as well as an additional course. Our lunch Read more...