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Halal Navi

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Halal Navi
This restaurant claims that it serves halal Malaysian foods but actually only the chicken used is halal. Not other meats. The halal certification has also expired, so there is no proof that the shop still serves Halal certified food. Please be careful when you eat here!
Special coupon for Halal Navi from Naritaya! You just show this page to Naritaya's staff, and will be offered free 1 topping from below. 1. Roasted chicken (200 yen) 2. Boiled egg (100 yen) 3. Scallions (100 yen) 4. Green laver (100 yen) You can use it.. - until 31th-Mar (Tue) - repeatedly
An Indian restaurant serving rice, naan, curry and many more. They used halal chicken insyaAllah. The price is quite affordable for students. It is located nearby Tokyo University of Science.
An Indian restaurant serving rice, naan, curry and so on. There are also vegetarian menu served there. The price is quite high for dinner, but rather cheap for lunch hour.
An Indian restaurant serving rice curry and naan. The price is the quite affordable. Among the famous menu in the restaurant is cheese naan and butter chicken curry and also gapao rice.
An Indian restaurant located nearby Chiba University. Serving naan, rice and curry. The price are quite affordable for students especially during lunch hour. You can eat naan and rice as many as you want and no extra money will be charged!
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