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Navito Halal

• From Japan • Live in Japan • No religion

Hi! I'm Navito and love to eat! Nice to meet you😁
I went to this place twice because I love it so much. This time, I ordered Gyumon Takumi Wagyu beef Omakase course and it cost me 22,000 yen. The amount of meal is enough even tho I was starving. Taste is awesome so you must try it if you come to Japan.
Very nice place to have halal ramen. But i’ve tried Hamburg this time. The taste is amazing. I definitely will try it again when i go to nagoya next time
Very nice place to have Wagyu(Japanese beef). They have many courses and imstaglamable. I love their stuff because they are very friendly. You need to make reservations in advance tho.
I adore this place. I opted for the halal Kobe beef burger, and the meat was incredibly juicy, truly letting the Kobe beef shine. However, I was left slightly hungry afterwards, so I'd recommend pairing it with an additional small snack.
At this restaurant, you'll be warmly greeted by its Muslim owners: a charming husband from Bangladesh and his delightful wife from Uzbekistan. They serve exceptionally tender wagyu. I highly recommend paying them a visit.
I recently visited "Halal Kobe Beef Nagomi," which has relocated from Osaka to Tokyo. Despite the owner being Japanese and not Muslim, he possesses a deep understanding of Muslim customs. The halal Kobe beef served is exceptionally tender, and the restaurant stands out for its exceptional hospitality.
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