4 1-chome Hiroo, 10, Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-0012 Japan
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4 1-chome Hiroo, 10, Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-0012 Japan



Halal Tips (4)
    1 person says alcohols are served.
    1 person says menu labelled Halal.
    1 person says Halal status verbally confirmed by staff.
    1 person says only chicken is Halal.
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The food is good, and there is a menu with clear sign which one is halal and which one not halal.
Most dishes mainly is fish. Firstly i found suddenly on Google Maps that this restaurant serves Halal meal, but not yet many muslim cames. Then i tried to messages & call them, yes they provide halal food (chicken meat, tempura & other ingredients). Please call them in advance if you want to get sure Their lunch menu was normal fish, tempura or chicken teishoku, simple dishes yet satisfying. Many locals are coming. Access from Ebisu St was close as well, still less than 10 minutes walk.